Suicide can happen anywhere & at any workplace!

We all want to prevent these tragic losses, but when it happens at work it doesn’t just cause confusion and effect morale and productivity. It can result in costly compensation claims, high staff turn over, fines for not meeting legal requirements, and other negative impacts on your business. So it’s vital to be suicide@work aware! 


Did you know?

Sadly, huge numbers of people suicide every.
In America alone, 36,500 people of working age die this way each year.

The amount of traumatic impact on the Australian population from each suicide loss is equivalent to 3,007 fully loaded Boeing 737 aeroplanes crash landing yearly. Globally this number is exponentially higher!

The cause of 1/6th of Australian suicides are work related!

Many people end their life where loved ones won’t find them, which makes it likely staff will find them.


Do you know how to effectively support staff and manage this type of incidents?

I can help your staff to be prepared by providing comprehensive training, advice and resources that are quick + easy to implement.


  • Tailored to your business / industry
  • Mitigates potential costly injuries + lost productivity
  • Helps WHS, mangers + HR confidently manage incidents
  • Best practice to promote a mentally health workplace
  • AFFORDABLE + aligned to Safe Work Australia policies

Accompanying resources

  • Critical Incident response plan template
  • Crisis support strategies
  • Email + letter templates
  • Managing media after suicide
  • Support services list
  • Links to other useful resources

I would defiantly recommend this course to all businesses and organisations, even workers so they have an understanding of the steps required should a suicide happen in their workplace.



This training workshop has lots of de-identified real scenarios, gives insight into the large number of staff who could be impacted and what strategies can assist to support staff and manage incidents.


Police Officer

This training is so essential. It helped us know what staff may be experiencing and all the things we needed to do, especially things we hadn’t realised. Thanks


Business Manager