Fun and a more relaxed lifestyle is what we all aspire to in our twilight years. However, with the onset of old age can come frailty or cognitive decline and we may require age care support.

It’s a tragedy that men 85 years or older have the highest rate of suicide across our nation. And shocking that over 140 Australian nursing home residents suicided between 2000 – 2013.

Being exposed to suicide by witnessing it, discovering a death or hearing or seeing gruesome details can traumatise us and lead to psychological injuries which typically require 3 times longer off of work than other injuries.

Not only can retirement village and age care staff be exposed, but at the same time grieving the loss of the resident while managing grief stricken relatives who may be angry or blaming “Why did you let this happen?!” So, it’s essential that staff understand they could be exposed and what to expect.

It’s also imperitavie that management, HR, WHS and EAP know how to effectively support them and the crucial immediate, short and long term actions necessary to manage these types of incidents.

To be prepared – contact me today for unique ACWA endorsed “Suicide at Work” training.