Not everyone looks forward to Christmas. Some are having financial difficulties and can’t buy the goodies they feel obliged to obtain or give. Some may be extremely anxious during the lead up knowing the usual pattern is for their partner to unleash on them as soon as Christmas day is over. Others don’t have family and friends around to celebrate with because they are working away. Or their relationships have broken down so they don’t have family and friends who care about them. Yet others may be overcome by great sadness, not having that special person with them. And if this is the first Christmas without them it can be particularly hard to cope with traditions and their absence. All of which these situations lead to feeling disconnected, unloved, a burden, or that it’s hopeless.

We all need loving thoughts and to know that someone cares during the festive season. So please reach out to anyone you feel may be doing it tough… it could make a huge difference to them making it through to next year safely.

My wish for you is to have peace, hope and joy this festive season..