Feedback from people who have professional supervision and/or have completed training.

Online Course

I would defiantly recommend this course to all businesses and organisations, even workers so they have an understanding of the steps required should a suicide happen in their workplace.



My take home learning from this training is it’s essential to have an action plan BEFORE something happens so you’re not flying blind not knowing what to do…. It is full of practical information that is easy to implement.




This is so essential. It helped us know what staff might be experiencing and all the things we need to do to, especially things we hadn’t realised. Thanks.


Business Manager

It was eye opening and factual but presented in a sensitive and informative way.

Scan WHS Network

This training workshop has lots of de-identified real scenarios, gives insight into the large number of staff who could be impacted and what strategies can assist to support staff and manage incidents.


Police Officer

Professional Supervision

Cheryl’s skills, expertise and knowledge all provided in a non-judgemental and non-pretentious way have been truly professional. Her compassion, patience and gentle nature with guidance and sometimes sage advice has been the anchor required to hold me and help me develop in what can be a challenging role.

Rose Hogan

I know that I have come a long way in my knowledge and confidence in this field and that was fostered by you (Cheryl) right from our initial session.

Tracey Wanganeen