Staff can be exposed to suicide at any workplace !

Sadly, huge numbers of people suicide every. 

In America alone, 36,500 people of working age die this way each year and over 130 people are impacted by the traumatic loss of each of these people.

To put it in perspective, the amount of impact on the Australian population is equivalent to 3,007 fully loaded Boeing 737 aeroplanes crashing yearly.

And globally this number is exponentially higher!


Staff could witness an event, discover a death,

 experience secondary trauma by hearing or seeing graphic and gruesome details from customers / clients,

 or loose someone they care about.

Trauma like this can cause psychological injuries that require 3 times longer off work than other injuries, and exposed staff are 3.5 times more likely to become suicidal themselves.

This unique training is based on evidence, lived experience, practice wisdom and contains real-life examples. It’s in line with the 5th Australian Government National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan and endorsed by the AWCA.

Training covers:

  • Essential immediate, short + long term response actions
  • Potential trauma reactions / impacts on staff and best practice support
  • Core issues such as due diligence / duty of care, privacy, appropriate language, ethical issues, legislative obligations
  • Organisational issues such as monitoring impact across the workforce, managing memorials, media, return to work

A range of templates, list of referral services and relevant resources are provided for participants after completion.

Delivery Modes:

  • Online webinars
  • Self-Paced Online Course
  • Tailored 1-day onsite professional development workshops (by arrangement)


Self-Paced Online Courses

(Price includes GST)

Beliefs and Attitudes that hinder Suicide Prevention

This resource is provided as a guide to use for personal learning and/or working with groups to prompt them to consider, and possibly challenge their beliefs and attitudes in relation to suicide.

Suicide at Work – Managing Incidents And Supporting Exposed Staff

Know the range of actions to implement promptly when suicide impacts your workplace, so you effectively support exposed staff and your workforce, manage obligations and maintain your organisation’s reputation.

Get all your Leaders, HR and WHS staff trained so that they know the diverse range of issues to manage incidents and mitigate potential psychological injuries.

1-day Onsite Professional Development Workshops

(Price varies. Please contact me to discuss)

These are tailored to your group’s industry and needs.

They are interactive, affordable and at the end, you’ll have a suicide critical incident response plan and know what to say and do should this tragedy happen at your workplace.